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Google’s Latest Update – Mobilegeddon

Google is Always Updating Google updates its algorithms almost daily, but once in awhile some changes are so large they get named after fuzzy creatures.  We’ve all heard about “Panda” and “Penguin” and basically they all involved cleaning up the web and were in fact great changes.  If your web site was hurt in the process, chances are you used the wrong company for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There have been other changes which are just as important. “Caffeine” is one that rewarded sites that loaded quickly (which makes mobile viewing more pleasurable).  “Pigeon” shook up how local listings...

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The Basics of SEO

Google takes literally thousands of statistics into consideration in its search algorithm.  Decoding and reverse engineering this algorithm is the goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts worldwide.  True experts spend hours testing with test sites and tweaking them to see how Google responds.  They also spend hours analyzing sites that are ranked high and sites that are ranked low to look for clues and insight into the inner working of Google’s algorithm. As you can imagine, better understanding of the Google search algorithm can lead to better rankings through manipulation.  There are many definitions of “SEO”, but in...

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How to Add an Administrator to Facebook

Facebook User Administration How Facebook business logins work Many companies have a “login” for their companies’ Facebook page – or so they think.  This is not how Facebook approaches business logins.  Facebook business pages DO NOT have logins.  In fact, a normal user (a personal account) must be used to create and maintain a Facebook business page. Surprisingly, some businesses do not realize that their Facebook page is not a business page at all and is in fact a personal page.  Facebook does not allow businesses to have personal user pages as it is against their terms and conditions.  There...

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What is SEO

What is SEO? Google, Relevancy, and SEO My site now appears in the results, but I am nowhere near the first page of listings – how do I get there? Google weights your site by a method it refers to as relevancy. How relevant is your site to the keywords listed? How popular is your site? How many other sites with similar keywords link to your site? How important are these sites? For instance, if you have a link to your site from some other site that is not highly ranked or popular – it does not count as much as if you have a link to your site from a more respected site. Specifically, let’s say you have a link to your site on CNN or in Wikipedia. That link would be worth the same weight as dozens of links from personal blogs or other sites. Some links may count negatively against you if they are from “link farms”. Relevancy also relates to timeliness. If your site hasn’t been updated in five years, then you obviously have nothing new to say on the subject and your ideas may no longer be relevant. The robot crawlers will eventually re-visit your site again and are smart enough to note if there are changes or not. So to get your site to the top of the indexed search results, you need...

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