SEO – Off-site SEO

What is off-site SEO?

Unlike on-site optimization which involves making changes to your site and it’s code, off-site SEO does not involve changes to your site and is often a monthly recurring charge or performed on an on-going basis.

Monthly SEO is as important or even more important than PPC’s oron-site optimization. Monthly SEO can have the largest and quickest impact on your search engine rankings.

Monthly SEO is a combination of many techniques. Like all SEO, there are many different thoughts and opinions and arguments about how best to achieve higher rankings. Again, the good news is there are concrete, documented, and proven ethical methods which work great.

Monthly SEO involves many of the following techniques:

  • Inward link building.
  • Directory listings.
  • Reviews.
  • Advertisements.
  • Blogs.
  • Press Releases.
  • Any many others…
As discussed here, Google and others highly value links to your site from other
sites. The higher ranked or popular the other sites, the more valued that link is. Using an example of one of the techniques above – let’s say we create a press release for a new product release for you with a link back to a similar announcement on your site. The press release is issued to the major news networks and many news feed services pick and list your news feed. Overnight hundreds of news sites link to your site. Also, some of these news services are popular sites with high rankings – so overnight you have received a surge in links to your site. Overtime, this and some of the other techniques being implemented in a controlled and thoughtful manner can skyrocket your search engine rankings.
Contrary to the above example, there are many unethical practices utilizing similar techniques. There are companies which own thousands of domains and sites and they will promise to provide you with 20,000 links to your site over night for a low fee. These are called “link farms” and this process is frowned upon. In many cases your link may appear next to an unsavory ad for a pornographic website. In other cases you may appear next to a competitor. Google and other search engines have caught on to this abusive technique and in many cases they will ban your site from the results if you are caught on one of these domains.

Like any other SEO technique – it is important that you speak and work with a professional who understands and knows the best way to get your site indexed and high into the rankings.

What does monthly SEO cost?

At eKrum, we have several SEO packages, all of which can be tailored to fit your budget. We have worked with companies with budgets as little as $300 per month and into the thousands per month.

If even $300 sounds high – consider what would happen if your site started receiving ten or a hundred times more traffic than it does now. Consider a professional and coordinated campaign targeting your potential customers and the effects it could have on your bottom line. Our campaigns are designed with return on investment (ROI) in mind. If we feel that we cannot provide ROI in a timely fashion, we will inform you and suggest some other form of a campaign.

In any case, the cost of a campaign is based on the following related factors:

  • Time frame.
  • Competitiveness of desired keywords/phrases.
  • Current rankings.
  • Current on-site optimization.

Please feel free to write or call us to find out more information. We offer free web site evaluations and free ranking reports!