Who We Are

At eKrum we believe that IT spending should have measurable and meaningful results. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  For too many companies, spending money on IT is like watching money disappear in a black hole.

Through proper analytics and metrics, we can help you create winning marketing campaigns and sites. Let us show you how to turn that negative black hole spending into positive results!


eKrum L.L.C. was founded by Jason Moran in 2004.  Jason graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science.  Technology was paramount in his life as he grew up programming Basic on TI99’s and then started building computers.  As a young teenager, Jason rode his bike to a local software developer, Future Trends Software, and fell in love with everything IT related and worked for them for years producing and marketing popular titles.  After working at a marketing company as a database programmer and email specialist he discovered he had a knack for finding segments of people who represent the best customers per client and how to reach them based on their interests.

Marketing is great.  Targeted marketing is awesome.  Bring your campaign to a new level.